His Kisses

Performed at Untouchable curated by Franko B at The Mori and Stein gallery.

I lay motionless upon a low bed, covered in recreated marks left upon my body from my Dominant from SM interactions. An audio recording plays

[Transcript excerpt below [Duration 8 mins]] and then I remain still within my pose for as long as possible and then leave.

[Total duration 1hr30]

'I am His caged bird, bedecked in shackles, bruises and welts. I am hollow and weak, it is through Him that I am reborn. There are no mirrors, this place permits no vanity, it is through His administrations that I am allowed to exist, to see myself, changing. I am stripped and every pore searched, wrenched from me my dignity is weighed, noted and filed away far from me. He was there, blue eyes watching intently, my pale, then plum skin cold with sweat. My Overseer, He saw me properly processed, my long locks shorn, every hair stolen from me, raw as butchers meat I entered the slab and shrank from the bars. Small now, clasped in His gloved hand, curled at His feet, two wet pools of awe and fear, open, I shake. Each whimper is a song and each scream my aria. My tattered skin is stained with his desire, aflame with his wants. At first, screaming, throat numb and eyed ope'd, then barred shut I walled myself away in my flesh, a trembling doe. Now I kneel patiently, at prayer until He receives me. His boots announce Him, polished by My tongue and tears. He gazes at my lowered head and white nape. Held and positioned I am all glory, lips parted- open...'